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13.11.2022 - 20.11.2022All Inclusive PlusDZ Economy, Gartenbl.
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Sandra (46-50)
August 2022
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Informationen des Hoteliers zu Corona-Maßnahmen

Update: 2020-06-25

Dear Guests,
As Aqua Fantasy Aqua Park Hotel & SPA, we would like to state that the health and safety of our valued guests and employees is our priority while continuing our sustainable tourism activities.In order to prevent Covid-19 Pandemic and other epidemic diseases in this critical period, our hygiene practices, which are always of upmost importance to us, are followed and updated regarding the reports of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.
Our goal is to give you a healthy and unforgettable holiday.
You are precious to us.Our Covid-19 and Epidemic Disease Crisis Team, which we have created, follows all the developments, takes all precautions to ensure that your holiday is safe for you and your loved ones and follows its implementation meticulously.
Precautions taken for our employees:
The knowledge and awareness of our employees about health and epidemics are among the primary factors in protecting the health of themselves, their colleagues and our valued guests. By acting with this sensitivity, we have taken all necessary measures regarding our employees and their fields of work.Our employees are subjected to detailed health screening prior to recruitment, and recruitment of people who do not have a health problem has been given approval by our workplace doctor. We continue our work in cooperation with our Occupational Health and Safety Specialist and Occupational Physician. When entering and leaving the hotel, the temperatures of our employees are checked with a thermal camera.All our employees are given detailed training on Covid-19 and the occurrence, spread and prevention of epidemic diseases, our employees act with the awareness of protecting the health of themselves and you, our valued guests, and the practices are constantly monitored by our audit team.All our employees working in the background with our employees who are in close contact with our valued guests act in accordance with the safe social distance rule and work with personal protective equipment (gloves and masks). The service vehicles we use to transfer our employees are used with 50% capacity, and these vehicles are seated in accordance with the social distance rule.Travellers use a mask in the vehicle.Our vehicles are disinfected after use.
In our staff lodgement the layout was made in accordance with the social distance rule.Daily disinfection is applied in our lodging rooms.
Textile materials and uniforms used by our employees are washed with high-temperature disinfectant chemicals.
There are three sets of uniforms per person in order to enable our employees to change their uniform during the day.
Daily disinfection procedures are carried out in the cafeteria and resting areas we use for our employees.
Dining hall hours and table layouts are planned in accordance with the social distance rule
Production and presentation of food and beverages offered to our employees are carried out in accordance with ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.
Disinfectants We Use In accordance with the area of use;Alcohol-containing disinfectant,Ozone,Chlorine solution,QA-containing disinfectant,Peracetic acid-containing disinfectant,UV lamp,Steam is used.
All chemicals used are supplied by our chemical company and are products approved by the Ministry of Health.
Hotel Entrance and Front Office Operations. Temperature checks will be made at the entrance of the hotel and the result will be shared with you only. Our friends who work in the Front Office and Guest Relations departments will help you in all matters. Suitcases will be disinfected in a specially reserved area and will be delivered safely to our guests' rooms by our bellboy.Hand sanitizer is available in the reception area. Measures to expand the social distance area have been taken in the reception area and your transactions will be carried out without close contact, not to exceed the safe limit. Your room and towel cards will be delivered to you for single use. All surfaces and materials used in the reception area are cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the cleaning and disinfection plan as in our other general areas.
Our Guests room:
We act to provide a healthy and clean environment during your stay by further improving our hygiene practices. All our employees working in the housekeeping department use disposable gloves and masks. Our employees disinfect their hands before entering your room. When moving from one room to another, gloves, masks and cleaning cloths are replaced with new ones.Our rooms are left empty for at least 12 hours after each guest departure. After cleaning the room, all hard surfaces that are contacted by hand are disinfected with alcohol-containing disinfectant, and a steam machine is used for disinfection of soft surfaces. In addition, disinfection is carried out systematically with a machine in order not to leave uninfected areas in the room. After airing the room, ambient air disinfection is provided with ozone device inside the room.All minibar products left in your room and hand-touchable products such as pens are disinfected with alcohol. All printed documents such as information brochures will be shown on our info channel during this critical period.When collecting textile products, they are carefully folded without shaking. Textile products are washed in our own laundries in high temperature with disinfectant containing chemicals on an automatic dosage machines.
Our General Field Applications
All of our general areas are prepared so that the social distance rule can be easily applied. Our facility has a wide and spacious structural feature and is built on approximately 100 decares of land. This offers us great advantages in terms of applying the social distance rule. In addition, our room capacities will not be used completely for a certain period of time. In this way, social distance can be easily maintained in all areas. After cleaning in accordance with the cleaning plan in all our common areas, disinfection is carried out using alcohol-containing surface disinfectant and chlorine solution on all surfaces that are in contact with hands. Disinfection is carried out in closed areas with a fogging machine, so that there is no uninfected surface. In our general areas, toilet exits, restaurant entrances, reception and many more areas provide hand-disinfection for you to use easily.
Use of elevators:
Elevators can be used as a family without exceeding the number of people specified. We advise you not use the elevator with someone you don’t know. Rules and regulations will be given by letter.
Our Food and Beverage Areas
As in all areas, measures to implement the social distance rule have been taken in our food and beverage areas and the capacity of all our areas has been redesigned. There is a hand sanitizer at every entrance of our food and beverage areas.According to the new arrangements we have made for the buffet service system, all food and beverage service will be provided through our service personnel who are constantly present in the buffet and in the area where the beverage machines are located, and the self service system will not be implemented.Buffet presentation materials are replaced with new ones every half hour.
Our a la carte restaurants will be used free of charge for all our guests, and the density in our restaurant will be further reduced.
Tablecloths and cloth napkins will not be used on our tables.The table wear on the tables will be properly disinfected after each use.
Products such as salt and pepper will be offered for single use during this period. Products that remain unused will be destroyed.
Areas such as chairs, tables, benches and all other materials will be properly cleaned and disinfected before and after service.
The materials used in our food and beverage areas are washed in the dishwasher with an automatic dosing system and at high temperature.All of our production and presentation processes are operated in accordance with ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System rules. It is kept under constant control by our System Hygiene Unit and our Food Safety Team.
Our microbiological analysis of water, ice, food, surface, hand swab and pool water are carried out by the accredited laboratory.
Pools and Beach
The sizes and capacities of our beach, pools and sunbathing areas are extremely sufficient. Within the scope of Covid-19 precautions, we increase the sunbed spacing even more and offer it for your use in accordance with the social distance rule.
The chlorine and pH values are kept at the levels desired by the Ministry of Health with the automatic dosing system in our pools.
Measurements are made and recorded 3 times daily.
Entertainment Activity
All of our entertainment activities programs have been re-planned according to the social distance rule, the materials will be used individually in appropriate activities, and disinfection will be applied after each use in all activities.
Our SPA & Fitness Areas
The usage of our areas has been re-planned in accordance with the social distance rule.All our areas will be used with reservation and with a time limit as we will clean and disinfect all of our areas to be ready for the next guest.All surfaces in our areas will be disinfected after each use, and our working staff fulfill their duties in accordance with hygiene rules within the framework of special trainings they receive on hygiene epidemics.Textile products such as bathrobes, towels, loincloth are washed at high temperatures with disinfectant containing chemicals in our own laundry.
Emergency and Health Care
Our facility has a 24-hour infirmary. In any emergency, we have taken all of our precautions to act according to our emergency procedure under the management of our onsite doctor.
We will be happy to help you with a healthy, happy and unforgettable holiday together with our entire team.
Aqua Fantasy Aquapark Hotel SPA

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Sandra (46-50)
Verreist als FamilieAugust 20222 Wochen StrandHier passt so ziemlich alles
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Marcus (46-50)
Verreist als FamilieAugust 20222 Wochen StrandMit Kindern definitiv eine Reise wert
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Holger (46-50)
Verreist als FamilieApril 20221 Woche StrandNiemals 5 Sterne - maximal 3 - nicht zu empfehlen!
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Verreist als FamilieAugust 20221 Woche StrandGut aber keine 5 Sterne !
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Verreist als FamilieAugust 20222 Wochen StrandFamilie, Urkaub, Spaß und Relax garantiert!!!
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Norbus am 16. September 2022
Jannis am 4. September 2022
Thomas am 23. August 2022

Hallo Erkan, ich komme mit meinen 2 Kinder am 16.Otober eine Woche, ist der park noch auf? wann genau schließt er?
Danke für Deine Antwort

Andrea am 24. August 2022
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