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Gutes Hotel,mit Verbesserungs Potential Es wäre schön dass die Zimmern endlich neue Möbel bekommen .… weiterlesen
Samara (41-45)
August 2022
4,0 / 6,0

Hotel allgemein Für Familien

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Wifi kostenfrei
Hoteleigener Strand
Pool verfügbar
75 Minuten zum Flughafen
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Informationen des Hoteliers zu Corona-Maßnahmen

Update: 2021-10-21

As Selge Beach Resort & SPA Hotel;
Our Measures Taken Against Covid-19

• During the stay of our customers from the entrance to our hotel to a healthy hosting and to the departure; all hygiene and control conditions are provided in line with the circulars issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Health.
• With the emergence of the pandemic situation, all our departments have prepared Risk Analysis and Emergency Action Plans for the task and started training the staff regarding the issue immediately; Hygienic inspection is carried out periodically with executive and control elements.
• All areas of our hotel are arranged according to social and physical distance rules.
• While entering the hotel, the health checks of our guests are carried out with a contactless heat meter; family health and travel information based on declaration is also recorded with regards to fillation tracking. If deemed necessary; this information may be shared with relevant Government Agencies.
• Suitcases, bags and similar items will be disinfected by the relevant personnel who have received the necessary training in this regard.
• Daily face masks are offered free of charge according to the duration of stay for the purpose of presenting a hygienic holiday to our guests. In food courts, the use of masks is mandatory.
• During the stay of our guests; doctors and nurses are available on a 24-hour basis regarding any health problems. Our hotel has an Ambulance for emergencies. Regarding possible suspicious situations, our internal service lines, numbered 777 and 9, provide support 24 hours a day.
• Operation process in our hotel, along with the inspection and certification of the relevant Ministries, are under secret control by the Public Accreditation Agency Türkak; private external inspection institutions Ecolab (for chemical and hygienic inspection) and Gıda-Puan firms (for Food Production Hygiene).
• Microbiological water and legionella analyzes are made from pool water and main line water (shower heads, ice machine, sink etc.) at intervals determined by the Contracted Accredited Laboratory Firm. Along with all food production / service areas with their surfaces and equipment; periodic analyzes are carried out by taking swap samples from the hands and clothes of the staff working in these areas as well.
• In our facility, we work with Ecolab and Gıda Puan companies that have international validity in chemical products and food hygiene. Detailed training is regularly given to all our employees by company officials. In this way, it is ensured that the appropriate dosage and the necessary chemicals are used during cleaning. Cleaning process is carried out with suitable and different cleaning equipments for each area.
• In General Areas, great attention is paid to the cleaning of WCs, continuously touched surfaces, door handles, handrails, elevators, elevator buttons, sinks, faucets, urinals and toilet bowls, and after cleaning with water and detergent, such areas are specially disinfected.
• Room capacity utilizations are meticulously followed; rooms are given to our guests with a distance between them and once a room is emptied, no new guests are accepted for a certain period of time after all cleaning and disinfection procedures are carried out.
• In room cleaning services we use disposable hygienic gloves, cloths and special disinfection chemicals approved by the Ministry of Health.
• All indoor areas of our hotel have fresh air with regular mechanical ventilation and our split air conditioners are disinfected.
• In our hotel, "Contactless Open Buffet" is offered to service in special sheltered glass panels where self service is not allowed: In all Food and Beverage Areas, our products are served by our staff working in these areas.
• In our Main Restaurant and Snack Cafes; open and bulk consumables on the tables have been removed; personalized disposable seasoning set and serving materials are offered. All of our tables are disinfected with a hygienic special solution and prepared for service again. In food courts, the use of masks is mandatory for our guests.
• Personal health checks of all our staff working in our hotel are carried out. Our staff, has been instructed not to come to the hotel if they start feeling unwell.
• Our staff enters the hotel after checked via a contactless heat meter. Our personnel can be examined on demand daily by our workplace doctors; personal health information is controlled in coordination by our department and related departments.
• All our employees are obliged to wash hands once in every thirty minutes maximum. All our staff provides services with protection equipment (mask, visor, gloves etc.) suitable for the situation required by their duties.
• Our personnel transportation vehicles provide full physical distance conditions and are disinfected immediately after each use.
• All areas of the personnel housing and dining areas are arranged in accordance with the physical distance rules and daily disinfection is performed in these areas. Disinfection materials are placed in each area, including personnel changing rooms, in order to make the access to these products easier.
• Representatives of all suppliers from which we receive service are checked with a contactless thermometer at the hotel entrance. In addition, they are provided with protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.).
• Unfortunately, our SPA, Sauna and Turkish Bath departments will not be able to serve in this process according to the circulars issued by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Turkish Ministry of Health regarding Covid-19. However, it is thought that it will be put into service again in line with the circulars to be published in the future.
• Due to the decisions taken by our Ministry; our concerts will be held on the same day and date.
• For detailed information, you can call our Official Hotel Call Center on 444 72 61.

With best regards to our dear guests.

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