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Dagmar (61-65)
November 2021
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Informationen des Hoteliers zu Corona-Maßnahmen

Update: 2021-06-12

Arrival Guests
- Check guest’s body temperature by trained nurses before entering the hotel.
- All guest luggage must be disinfected before escorting to the rooms.
- Obtain the last 14 days record from each check-in guest.
Manager-on-duty refers to all sick guests or suspicious cases to proceed to the hospital for medical check following BELLA VISTA RESORT HURGHADA guidelines of suspected cases.
- Main Entrance, the hotel’s lobby, and Desk are sprayed with qualified disinfectant every hour.

Check-In Procedures
- Reception employees to use the PPE, & Alcohol spray sanitizer, avoid check hands with the guest.
- Disinfection all boxes available at the Front Office which include everything belong to the guest, such as room’s key.
- 1.5 Meter a minimum distance between the guests each other & the same for the staff.
- Reception Areas & Front Offices to be sanitized 3 times daily, using Chlorine
(According to WHO instructions).
- Hand sanitizer is provided in the reception area at all times.
- Lobby setting areas will be arranged according to the minimum distances.
- No more than two adults may be accommodated in the room, and rooms must be taken into consideration the Family with a maximum of 1 infant/child

Guest Stay Instructions letter:-
Deliver a letter of following instruction to our guest:-
- Wash your hands regularly with soap and water. It takes about 20 seconds hands properly.
- Use a tissue for coughs and sneezes. Dispose of them in the room waste bin.
- If you don’t have a tissue uses your sleeve.
- Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
- If you feel unwell, feverish, or develop a cough, stay in your room. We will give you the necessary advice.
- Do not go to the restaurant if unwell, food will be brought to your room.

Guest Rooms
- All guest rooms will be cleaned by detergent & sanitizer after the room’s departure and before Check-In, including all details in the room such as remote control.
- Regular training for all HK employees to ensure employees’ awareness of all precautions which must be followed when dealing with the guest.
- HK Trolleys rearranged & provided by a liquid Sanitizers & PPE.
- Chlorine at 1000ppm is used for disinfection procedures.
- We use specific clothes, scourers (sponges), and bags.
- We increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting.
- We supply housekeeping team by sufficient disinfectants; PPE and other supplies.

Linen management
- Linens and clothes should be put in special, marked laundry bags and handled carefully.
- Clean and disinfect hampers or other carts for transporting of laundry.
- Dirty upholstery and swimming pool towels are cleaned at a high temperature and the laundry is disinfected after daily washing.
- Instructions are given for washing them in hot cycles (70ºC or more) with the usual detergents.

Guest Facilities
- All Guest Facilities, Public Area and Toilets to be sanitized minimum of 3 times and regularly cleaned during the day and after each guest use.
- Swimming Pool to be more controlled by the maximum of CL & PH and monitored 4 times daily.
- After using each guest as well as after the closing, the area around the beach and pool including tables, deck chairs, sunbeds, etc; to be cleaned and sanitized.
- Personal hygiene & instruction signs to be available for guests advising necessary shower before using Swimming Pool.
- Showers are available around the swimming pool in order to ensure a proper disinfection process before Swimming Pool use.
- The number of sunbeds to be minimized to keep the minimum safe distance.
- Guests’ body temperature to be tested before using the Swimming Pool, at least twice per day.
- Super chlorination to be additional each 3 months.
- Sanitizer dispensers to be available in all Public Areas & Buildings’ entrances.

Hotel leisure facilities
- We increased cleaning and hygiene protocols.
- Adequate handwashing facilities including liquid soap, paper towels, hand dryer, and Hand gel are available.
- Regular disinfection of high touch areas such as door handles, card terminals, and elevator buttons with anti-bacterial liquids.
- We offer disinfectant dispensers in public areas to our guests.

Food Safety, Kitchens & Restaurants

- Our employees perform personal hygiene focusing on frequent regular hand washing and cough hygiene; strictly.
- Service Employees are ensuring (and asking the guests) to use sanitizer gel at the restaurant entrance.
- New setup for the restaurants’ tables and chairs to order to keep safe distances between the tables. Table arrangement has been adjusted to 1.5m distance from each other.
- Maximum of two people are allowed per table.
- We maintain the highest levels of cleaning across our buffets.
- Dining tables and chairs are sanitized with designated disinfectant before serving new guests, so our guests can find a pleasant and safe dining experience at all restaurants.
- All tableware including salt and pepper shakers, toothpick holders, sugar containers, menu card holders, menus are cleaned and sanitized frequently after each use.
- There will be social distancing markings around the buffet and on each service’s place.
- Setting buffet specifications to ensure the live cooking of food and preparing buffets.
- PPE for all staff including gloves.
- HACCP System to be updated accordingly to keep safe environment at all times.
- Minimizing the number of employees exists in one place of the kitchen to avoid overcrowded places and to keep the workplace always safe at all times.
- Monitoring all F&B employees & apply body temperature tests for them at least twice a day in addition to another two times at the Staff Housing (upon arrival and departure).
- To apply body temperature tests for Suppliers & disinfection process for vehicles before entering the receiving area.
- The Hotel Visitor Policy to be updated accordingly to guarantee the continuous process of body temperature tests, disinfection process for vehicles.
- Suppliers of goods and services Contractors follow safe systems of work to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
- Additional Cleaning times & continuous process of Kitchen Sanitizing using an alcohol-based for surfaces & Chlorine-base for floors & walls.
- Additional Cleaning times & continuous process of Restaurant Sanitizing using an alcohol-based for tables’ surfaces & Chlorine-base for floors & walls.
- Regular training for all Kitchen & F&B employees to ensure employees’ awareness of all precautions which must be followed when dealing with the guest and the precautions of Disinfection Tunnel & Personal Hygiene.
- More signs, flyers, and posters to be added into the kitchen regarding COVID-19.
- Restaurant’s Buffet will be protected by plexiglass or similar barriers (No self-services).
- Clean, sanitize and disinfect the buffet surfaces more frequently and after each service and after guests use.
- The coffee machines, juice machines, and others should be cleaned and disinfected at least after each service and more often(No self-services).
- All chinaware, silverware, and glassware should be washed and disinfected in a dishwashing machine (including items that have not been used) as they might have been in contact with the hands of guests or employees.
- To start using again plastic forks, spoons, and knives (On way Bundles).

Availability of Materials
- Regular training for all cleaning employees to ensure employees’ awareness of all precautions which must be followed and usage of provided personal protection equipment as listed below:
o Gloves
o Disposable gowns
o Closed shoes
o Facial protection with a face shield and impermeable aprons during procedures that may generate splashes (e.g. while washing surfaces).
o Access to sufficient disinfectant solutions and other supplies.

Additional Control Measurements:
- We disinfect frequently the building entrances, public areas, rooms, back house areas, vehicles, and special attention is given to high touch areas; using 1000 to 4000 ppm sodium hypochlorite, leave for 15-30 minutes.
- Increased cleaning of Public Areas and surfaces frequently been touched by guests and/or any of hotel’s team members.
- All high touch points and areas should be cleaned and sterilized every hour in public places and public toilets, using the recommended disinfectants according to the Ministry of Health.
- Regular disinfection of door handles, elevator control panels, ATM, POS, Computer’s keyboards, and any
other possibly touched surface or machine.
- Provide a steam machine to disinfect furniture and fabrics.
- Additional stations of hand disinfection and update instructions and procedures to increase focus on the importance of good general hygiene standards and procedures for hotel’s employees.
- Apply necessary changes to all departments and services as efforts to reduce the risk of contamination for any guests and/or team members.
- Facilitate new standards and services for guests who want to enjoy their breakfast in their rooms.
- Reduce the number of employees to the minimum according to the hotel occupancy.
- To avoid a big number of employees’ gathering.
- To avoid the full capacity in employees and/or guests’ transportation from a place to another.
- Not to hold any parties or weddings inside the hotel.

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Sabine am 3. Oktober 2021

Kann mir jemand eine gute Zimmernummer am Pool und in der Nähe vom Strand empfehlen? Bin nicht so gut zu Fuß, gehe aber gerne ins Meer.Bin im Dez.da.

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Basti am 26. August 2021

Was kostet zur Zeit ein PCR Test in Ägypten?

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Wolf am 12. Juli 2021

Hallo, wir kommen am 16.07.2021 für 2 Wochen. Wie ist die aktuelle Lage allgemein?

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