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    Hallo Ihr Lieben

    Also ich mache Anfang November zehn Tage Urlaub in Dubai und obwohl ich wusste, dass in dieser Zeit der heilige Monat Ramadan ist, hab ich mir nicht all zu grosse Sorgen gemacht. Nun lese ich aber überall, dass das öffentliche Leben in dieser Zeit stark eingeschränkt ist. Wie muss ich mir das vorstellen ? Muss man den ganzen Tag im Hotel verbringen weil alles geschlossen ist und keine Aktivitäten statt finden ? War schon jemand in Dubai während dem Ramadan ?

    Für eure Hilfe und Tipps wäre ich sehr dankbar.


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    Hallo von Allmen,

    ist zwar betreffend der Öffnungszeiten von den Malls nicht sooo aussagefähig, aber vielleicht helfen Dir die Infos des Hotelkonzerns Jumeirah International. Sonst schau doch mal bei dubaitourism im Netz nach.

    Gruß hip

    "Q.Are Non-Muslims required to follow Ramadan practices?

    A.Islam is a tolerant religion and respects people of all cultures, races and religions. Non-Muslims are in no way forced to follow Islamic traditions during the month of Ramadan. However, as a sign of respect to the host country, guests are asked to refrain from consuming food, drinks, chewing gum and smoking in public during fasting hours of the day (dawn to dusk). Q.Is it OK for Non-Muslims to experience Ramadan traditions?

    A.Muslims welcome guests of all religions and cultures and encourage them to learn more about Islam. For this reason, hotels all over Dubai have special Iftar (break of fast) gatherings and dinners at various restaurants available for guests and the general public. Q.Can I eat and drink during the day in Ramadan and where can I get food and drink?


    Most international hotels and restaurants within hotels are open during the day for non-Muslims.  Restaurants will have separate sections open or keep curtains or blinds closed as a sign of respect to Muslim passers by. In addition, in-room dining and room service is available as normal during the day in most international hotels and some restaurants offer home delivery services at certain hours for breakfast or lunch during the month of Ramadan. It is quite acceptable for small children to eat/drink in public during daylight, as their needs must be met. Q.Can I still enjoy the beach and other facilities in the hotel?


    Guests staying at the hotels in Dubai can enjoy the beaches and facilities of the hotel as they normally would. The beaches are open, water sports facilities and health and leisure centres have normal operating hours. Catering facilities operate normally but do not serve alcohol before 7 pm. Q.Is it possible to order drinks at nightclubs or lounges during Ramadan?


    It is possible to order drinks at nightclubs and lounges that are open at licensed outlets. Q.Until what time are nightclubs and lounges open during Ramadan?


    Nightclubs and lounges vary in their opening and closing hours. In general, they are open after breaking the fast (Iftar) at sundown until 1 am. However, no loud music or live entertainment will be available during Ramadan, only background music and/or piped music is played. Q.What about dress code? Should I wear conservative clothing?


    It is encouraged to wear conservative clothing during the month of Ramadan as a sign of respect. Q.Are there any changes in working/business hours?

    A.Companies usually do have reduced working hours for their staff over Ramadan, especially for those what are fasting, but it is business as usual and the normal business hours are covered in most cased with employees working different shifts in most organizations in the private sector. The start of the business day in the morning might be a little later than normal. Q.What offers are available during Ramadan?


    Ramadan is a time when family and friends come together and community ties are strengthened. There are a myriad of options available to residents and visitors;Al Khayal Fort: Inspired by old Arabic houses, the fort has large barjeels (wind towers) and a water fountain to welcome you. It presents open-plan seating with elevated individual majlis set up in different locations, where you can enjoy a more private dinner under the stars.

    An enchanting evening awaits you at the Al Khayal Fort where you can enjoy Arabic dishes such as cold & hot Mezzahs, Zatar, Lamb, Mixed Manakiesh, Shawarmas and Koftas.

    Special Ramadan drinks and traditional sweets like Karkade, Yansoon, Jalab, Erik Sous, Katayef, Kunafa & Baklava are there to enjoy whilst listening to the three traditional musicians (Oud Player, Kanoun & Tablah).

    Promotions: In Ramadan, promotions are widely available and on offer, from shopping malls to restaurants, from TV shows to prize give-away competitions; the entire city illuminates with thing to do and promotions to participate in. Q.Is everything closed during the day?


    No, not everything is closed during Ramadan. Opening and closing hours do change during the month as opposed to the other days of the year for offices and shops but are usually open for short hours in the morning, usually from 10am to 12noon and they re-open approximately half an hour to and hour after breaking fast until as late as midnight. Parks and other public places open after the breaking of fast and remain open until late at night."


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    Herzlichen Dank Hip! Das hilft mir schon ein wenig weiter. Hab dem Dubai Departement of Tourism noch ein Mail mit meinen Fragen gesandt. Mal gucken...


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