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    People are always asking me what to do in Berlin, and even if I've posted a hundred million times on my favorite places, restaurants and things to do in Berlin, there's always more to say. Whether you think Berlin is Europe's most hip city or not, there's no denying the city's special place in the world today. Berlin Is not Described as "poor buy sexy" without reason. Though it's the political center of Germany, Berlin is arguably the cultural hub of the country-and increasingly of the European continent. With major Businesses moving to town and people flocking to the city from around the world, Berlin is one of the most unique and interesting places in Europe today. 

    Unique things to do in Berlin

    1. Eat döner kebab—preferably after 4am unless you actually want to remember the experience

    2. Have a currywurst—but don’t expect to fall in love

    3. Dine in a (cheap) Vietnamese restaurant

    4. Jump off a building

    5. Rent an apartment, learn German & stay a while

    6. Drink a beer outside a spaeti—it’s what all the cool kids do

    7. Work for a startup company

    8. Start your own startup company

    9. Have sex in a bar or club (whether it’s the bathroom or the dance floor)

    10. Dance in an u-bahn station

    11. Have a picnic in the park (park with the best atmosphere: Görli; with the best picnic spots: Tempelhof)

    12. Enjoy a lazy afternoon at a coffee shop

    13. Walk along the river Spree

    14. Bargain for used Polaroid cameras and other knick-knacks at a flea market (flohmarkt)

    15. Ride a bicycle

    16. Visit the Holocaust memorial—don’t forget the gay one!

    17. See the sunrise (it’s considered cheating if you have to wake up for it)

    18. Learn some Berlin history at one of the 170 museums

    19. Get caffeinated with a Club Mate

    20. Take photos of some graffiti

    21. Have a typical Berlin brunch (or an atypical one)

    22. Visit an independent artist gallery (there are many)

    23. Get lost in Berlin’s greenest park: Tiergarten

    24. Eat great middle-eastern cuisine & other cheap eats

    25. See the Brandenburg Gate, TV tower and Berliner Dom

    26. Go for a swim in a pool inside a river

    27. Shop! Friedrichstrasse, Ku’damm and indie boutiques in Kreuzberg, F’hain & P’berg

    28. Buy a luke-warm samosa from the man who goes around all the hip bars every night

    29. Give away your recyclable glass bottles to the bottle collectors in Friedrichshain & Kreuzberg

    30. Lose yourself inside Berlin’s surrealist bar experience

    31. Leave the city for day trips to the weird Tropical Islands, pretty Potsdam or swimmable Wannsee

    32. View Berlin from above at either the TV tower (Fernsehturm) or Berliner Dom

    33. See Berlin in miniature at the Loxx museum

    34. Hang out on one of Berlin’s bridges (my favorites here)

    35. Take a rooftop tour of the Reichstag parliament building

    Source: travelsofadam.com

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    Where is the Wall?



    Unique things to do in Berlin


    Have sex with a berliner girl


    En marcha con compañero Fidel en la sierra maestra 1959
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    Ture said bro!

    But as you see berlin is so intersting. It should be more than 35 points.

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    You forgot visiting the "Wellblechpalast", watching a DNL-Game of the Berlin Icebears ;-)

    Maybe visiting a "Bell Book & Candle"-Concert,  just look for the dates on their webside :-)

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    Taking a walking tour to our great new Berlin Airport BER, without being bothered with coming and going passenger! ;)

    Visting a closed and run downed amusement park like the "Spreepark" ( every Sunday with a guided tour... )

    Taking a look over Berlin with the Berlin HighFlyer

    Watch world war bunkers with Unterwelten

    ... and getting chased through Prenzlauer Berg, after you screamed out, that Club Mate is disgusting as hell  :laughing:

    Ich: Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand, wer ist der Schönste im ganzen Land? Spiegel: Geh zur Seite, fette Kuh, ich kann nix sehen!
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