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Hassan at the Beach Sheesha Bar

The Hotel is wonderfully kept. The approach may be of some concern as it is obviously being expanded significantly, but once there all becomes clear. This is a well-run, well-kept and attractive hotel and complex.
The room we were allocated was clean and spacious and had a wonderful view of the pool area and beach.
The services (restaurants and bars) were excellent. Some people may find the main restaurant a little confused but it all works well. The on-site payable restaurants were quite simply fantastic, the food, the service and the price - I challenge anyone to find better value anywhere. The Indian has its own Chef from Mumbai and so the food was fresh and exciting and delicious.
We ate at the Italian and Indian on three occasions - not because we didn't enjoy the main restaurant but because we enjoyed these that much more being a couple (and being pampered I suppose).
The blend of international guests makes this a truly cosmopolitan resort and we enjoyed mingling with fellow travellers from Italy, Germany and Russia (even if we didn';t get all the Jokes !!).

Lage & Umgebung5,0
The Beach comes right up to the resort and although the tide goes out quite far it is a pleasure to paddle, swim and snorkel in. When the tide is in the colours are so rich.
There are developing retail premises on-site and lots of bargains to be had (We found the prices reasonable - and the banter with the shop-owners was very entertaining in itself).
Makadi is about 35km from Hurghada - and although we did visit the main town found enough to keep our interest on-site.
We also went to a Bedouin excursion which was great value for money and an absolute thrill.

The room was a genuine surprise - Large and Airy, with all the facilities of a top-hotel. The servicing was of a high standard and the view was fantastic.

A smile and a bit of banter every day from friendly staff wherever we encountered them. Our rudimentary attempts at Arabic were met everywhere with genuine joy and compliments.
We tipped - not because we felt obliged to, but because we genuanely appreciated the service we recieved.

Was impressed with all levels of cleanliness, presentation and quality of the food we received. Enough options to provide a varied menu at every sitting.
We ate in the main restaurant, the beach bar, the on-site payable restaurants and even snacks on the terrace and were never disappointed.
The cuisine of necessity catered for a wide variety of tastes and as such we found ourselves able to experiment with food from around the world.
The main restaurant appeared hectic and confused until you realised how many people were being catered for. And once acquainted with the layout it was a simple matter of going and getting whatever took your fancy.
The tables were cleaned fastidiously on a regular basis and a little shokran went a long long way with the hard-working staff.

Sport & Unterhaltung5,0
The facilities were excellent and catered for all levels of sportiness (even apathy). In essence you do as much or as little as you liked.
The wooden jetty out to the reef was a particualr pleasure - whether going along it for an evening (or morning) stroll, hopping off half way to take advantage of the warm and shallow waters, or heading to the reef for some spectacular snorkelling in the clear and welcoming water. It really was just like swimming in an aquarium at times.
The Beach bar was a really useful respite from the continuous sun and the sunbeds were in good condition and relaxing.


Tipps & Empfehlung
Egyptians rely on tipping (as do most people who work in the service industry) - I see tipping as important and as courteous as a thank you.
OK there may be some staff who may expect something for providing very little, but that is their way of enhancing a basic minum wage. Good luck to them.
The payments expected are usually small and meaningless to those of us fortunate enough to be able to travel to such exotic and enriching places - so why people would begrudge the chance to thank someone for making your holiday so much more enjoyable, I will never know.
If someone is rude and discourteous, ignore them (Fortunately most of the people in this bracket consisted of fellow tourists). For the rest a smile, a thank you and a few coins is a small price to pay for their efforts.

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