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Erick (31-35)
Alleinreisendim Dezember 2012für 3-5 Tage

Nice beach, horrible owner! So rude!

Stayed here for a brief beach holiday while on a work trip. All of the staff were amazingly nice and helpful. Overall, I enjoyed my stay, however on my last day I randomly met the owner of this small hotel. I had checked out and was sitting in the bar having a drink as I waited for my taxi to arrive. The owner was sitting at a table in the bar area with some colleagues.

Because I am a white American he assumed (incorrectly) that I did not speak Swahili, and I over heard him talking about one of his customers who was settling her bar tab. She questioned the high cost of a particular item to the bar tender, but she was not rude or hostile in any way. The owner, watching the situation barked some orders to the bar tender (in Swahili), and then turned to his colleagues and said in Swahili "these foreigners are cheap, and hate to spend their money." He did not know that I speak Swahili, though if he cared about his clientele, he would have noticed that I was chatting with the bar tender in Swahili the whole time before and after this occurrence.

If the woman understood what he said so rudely in plain sight of her, I'm sure she would have been upset. I myself had just settled my $200 bar bill, so I was offended that this man could so rudely state that tourists do not like to spend money--AND to be so blatant in his disregard. I was amazed at how disrespectful and condescending this man could be. I had seen him at the resort a couple of times during my 4-5 day stay, and each time he was rude to his staff and never had a smile on his face.

I enjoyed literally every second of my stay until the moment when I heard his rude remark. Luckily, I was waiting for my cab to arrive to take me back to Stone Town--the thought of spending another dollar at that establishment made me sick. I will, most certainly, never return to that hotel.

Lage & Umgebung2,2
Verkehrsanbindung & Ausflugsmöglichkeiten1,0
Sonstige Freizeitmöglichkeiten3,0
Einkaufsmöglichkeiten in Umgebung1,0
Restaurants & Bars in der Nähe1,0
Entfernung zum Strand5,0

Ausstattung des Zimmers (TV, Balkon, Safe, etc.)1,0
Größe des Badezimmers3,0
Sauberkeit & Wäschewechsel4,0
Größe des Zimmers4,0
Ausblick:zum Meer/See

Fremdsprachenkenntnisse des Personals4,0

Vielfalt der Speisen & Getränke3,0
Sauberkeit im Restaurant & am Tisch2,0
Atmosphäre & Einrichtung2,0
Geschmack & Qualität der Speisen & Getränke1,0

Zustand des Hotels5,0
Allgemeine Sauberkeit5,0

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Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis: Angemessen
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Verreist als:Alleinreisend
Kinder:Keine Kinder
Dauer:3-5 Tage im Dezember 2012
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