gewalt wohl deshalb, weil auch hier in cancun die taxifahrer von den drogenkartellen teilweise regelrecht hingerichtet werden . darauf reagieren die amis - die ja gerne wegen hundert metern auch mal ein taxi nehmen .. - doch wohl allergisch. das wird wohl von den us medien auch recht hochgespeilt derzeit.

allerdings kann ich hier fürs barcelo sagen, das der laden voll mit amis ist. hier merkt man nix von einem buchungsrückgang. bis zum vergangenen wochenende war der laden hier sogar picke packe voll. jeztzt erst wird wieder ruhiger.

ja, freitag vor 1 woche wurde in cancun mal eben die kalaschnikov rausgeholt :

" AK-47 attack leaves two dead in Cancún; both worked for Zetas, one a taxi driver "

"Cancún, the gateway to Mexico's famed Riviera Maya, is increasingly the center of street violence between two brutal groups, Los Zetas and Los Pelones, which are locked in a bloody struggle for control of local drug markets, extortion and other criminal activity along the country's Caribbean coast. "

"Taxi drivers in Mexico are often in the bull's eye of drug cartel execution squads. Besides picking up fares they not infrequently moonlight for one organization or another, working as delivery boys, messengers and halcones -- spies whose job it is to report on police and military movements, as well as to keep an eye on competing narcotics traffickers in the area. Because they're driving cabs they easily blend in with routine street traffic. They're alert to even the slightest changes in the neighborhoods they traverse. Cabbies quickly learn "who belongs where" and who doesn't.The so-called narco-taxistas operate heavily in C a n c ú n, and on the other side of Mexico in the sprawling city of Monterrey, in northern Nuevo León state. Monterrey is only 100 miles south of the U.S. border, and lays squarely in northbound drug corridors. The Los Zetas maintain a significant presence in the city, but the Gulf Cartel is another regional player.

On Wednesday afternoon (Apri. 11) a heavily armed execution team descended upon and shot eight taxi drivers in suburban Guadalupe, part of the Monterrey metropolis. The men, 25-35 years old, were killed almost instantly. Police sources they were Zeta halcones, and therefore presumably were killed by Gulf Cartel gunmen. There have been no arrests.

In a separate incident yesterday a 42 year old taxi driver was shot to death on a busy street in the resort city of Acapulco, another common venue for narco-taxistas."